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   "Judging Music" Lecture by Roger Scruton

   Date : Sunday, 7 October 2012       From : 7:00pm   To : 8:30pm
   Category : Lectures/Conferences/Symposia       Location : Blount/Buckman Lobby

   Event Description :

This lecture is by the world's leading philosopher of music Roger Scruton.

Scruton has observed this about about contemporary popular music: "It is surely right to speak of a new kind of listening, maybe a kind of listening that is not listening at all, when there is no melody to speak of, when the rhythm is machine made, and when the only invitation to dance is an invitation to dance with oneself."

This talk will explore what is involved in listening to music, how the experience of music can go wrong, and why it matters. Roger Scruton is the author of more than 30 books on philosophy, politics and culture, including Understanding Music and The Aesthetics of Music.

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