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   Communities in Conversation Lecture: Dr. Aram Goudsouzian, "Down to the Crossroads"

   Date : Thursday, 13 February 2014       From : 6:00pm   To : 8:00pm
   Category : Lectures/Conferences/Symposia       Location : Blount/Buckman Lobby

   Event Description :

In this lecture, Dr. Aram Goudsouzian of The University of Memphis, will tell the story of the last great march of the civil rights era, and the first great showdown of the turbulent years that followed. On June 5, 1966, the civil rights hero James Meredith left Memphis, Tennessee on foot. Setting off toward Jackson, Mississippi, he hoped his march would promote black voter registration and defy racism. The next day, he was shot by a mysterious white man. What followed was one of the key dramas of the civil rights era. When the leading figures of the civil rights movement flew to Mississippi to carry on Meredith's effort, they found themselves confronting southern law enforcement officials, local activists, and each other. In the subsequent three weeks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. narrowly escaped a mob attack, protesters were tear-gassed by state police, Lyndon Johnson refused federal intervention, and the charismatic activist Stokely Carmichael first led the chant that would define the next phase of the civil rights era: Black Power!

This event is fee and open to the public. There will a reception at 5:30 p.m.

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